Conditions for the use of documents

General conditions of use for the documents posted on the website

Conditions of use

The present document sets forth the conditions of use for the documents made available on the online UIC Multimedia Library, The Multimedia Library is run by the UIC Communication Department, which manages the usage rights (right of reproduction and right of exposure1) for these documents.

The documents provided are photographs, videos and audio files.

To download the document of your choice you must first register directly on the website. You will then receive a confirmation email with your username and password, which are personal and non-transferable.

When placing an order users are requested to declare what use they wish to make of the document. Once the order has been validated by the Communication Department users shall undertake to make use of the visual, audio and other media only under the conditions set out in their declaration and in accordance with the rights negotiated for UIC.

In no case may the documents be used for commercial or advertising purposes without the prior written consent of UIC.
Any use other than the use initially agreed on shall be subject to another request before the document is re-used (re-published, re-distributed or transferred onto another medium or other title).

Users shall undertake to delete the downloaded documents from their hard drive and any other storage medium once the documents have been used.

UIC may not be held liable for use of the documents by the Multimedia Library user in breach of the rights negotiated for UIC, as indicated in the "user rights" field of each document. Users are the sole liable party vis-a-vis rights holders for any use they make of the documents.

UIC reserves the right to refuse transfer of usage rights to a user if those transferred rights are likely to exercised in a manner that harms the image or interests of UIC, or is contrary to UIC's publication policy.

Limitation of liability

In case of legal proceedings against UIC due to illegal use of the documents, the user shall undertake to take part in the proceedings and reimburse UIC for any amount payable by the association for damages, legal fees and other fees.

UIC also reserves the right to take measures against a user in case of illegal use of the documents by the user in question (including access denial to the Multimedia Library).

Images may not be modified in any manner without the prior written consent of UIC or its authorised representative, with the exception of cropping for layout purposes.
Any user breaching these provisions is the sole liable party in case of claims due to these modifications.

Conditions for transferring usage rights

Transfer of usage rights takes effect upon acceptance by the user of the present general conditions of use for the documents and the "user rights" set out in the information sheets of the documents.

Emails or paper documents constitute proof of all transactions between UIC and the user.

Conditions for transferring selected images

Images selected by the user may be made available for downloading from the website or made available via an FTP server (see online assistance for further information).

Downloadable images are available as long as they are visible on the website.

Copyright and compulsory indication

Publication of a document from the UIC Multimedia Library must include the indication "UIC" followed by the name of the photographer or the department responsible for the report.

Examples: © UIC/ Stéphane Durant or © Fotolia / Stéphanie DURAND

The user shall undertake never to violate the property rights and moral rights of the authors or copyright holders of the documents they wish to use, and remains the sole liable party vis-à-vis the authors, third parties and UIC for use of the photographs, particularly in cases of alteration or editing of published photographs.

Copyright for the photographs is governed by the French Law of 1 July 1992 on literary and artistic property (which combines in particular the French laws of 11 March 1957 and 3 July 1985). The protection of persons and assets is governed by French Law no. 70-743 of 17 July 1970.

Supporting documents

The user shall undertake to provide the Communication Department with a copy of their publication or file (periodical, newspaper, PowerPoint extract, film excerpt, etc.) which includes a document downloaded from the Multimedia Library within a month of the publication or file being issued.

Access rights to personal information

Persons accessing the website are likely to communicate personal data when completing forms. These forms shall indicate whether it is compulsory or optional to provide the information requested, as well as the aim of collecting the information in question. The information thus collected may be subject to automatic or non-automatic processing for the following purposes: addressing and responding to questions from internet users.

UIC is the sole recipient of any information you send when requesting an account. UIC formally undertakes not to communicate this information to any other party.

You have the right to access and rectify any information concerning you by contacting the person responsible for the photograph library:

For any claim concerning the exercise of your rights as guaranteed by French Law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on information technology, data and freedoms, you may contact the person in charge of matters concerning protection of personal data at UIC:

Union Internationale des Chemins de fer
Data Protection Officer
16 rue Jean Rey
75 015 PARIS
E-mail :

Contact and notification

For any further information or questions please send an email to the manager of the Multimedia Library.

Communication Department - Documentation Centre

1 "Any exposure or reproduction, in whole or in part, made without the consent of the author or their legal beneficiaries or successors, is illegal" [Art. L.122-4 of the French Intellectual Property Code].

Right of reproduction: Copying consists in material fixation of the work by any means allowing it to be communicated to the general public in an indirect manner.

Right of exposure: Exposure consists in communicating the work to the general public by any means.