Train to Paris [English edition]

Train to Paris [English edition]

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  • Title: Train to Paris [English edition]
  • Caption: This video was made in the framework of the UIC campaign "Train to Paris". The video using flat design presents in a colourful and fun way how railways can be considered as one of the backbones to fight climate change. Developed in the frame of COP21, it also displays the commitments of UIC and its members in favour of a more sustainable future in the frame of the Climate Summit in Paris in 2015.
  • Director: Antoine JEZEQUEL, concepteur
  • Production: FRL Productions
  • Copyright: UIC
  • Duration: 00:02:08
  • Technical description: coul./son.
  • Language: EN
  • Creation Date: 08/09/2015
  • Collection: Videos - grand public



  • Climate change.

    Let?s talk about solutions.

    What do the railways have to say?

    Here are the CO2 emissions for transport, ...they represent a quarter of the world?s emissions from fuel combustion, and they continue to rise.

    Two facts are beyond question. One: the vast majority of transport emissions come from road traffic. Two: rail is the lowest emitting major mode of transport.

    And if action was taken to increase rail?s market share, would that help to resolve the problem?

    Yes, because for the same number of passengers or the same freight tonnage, rail consumes far less energy and emits far less CO2 than other modes.

    Its efficiency is constantly improving. The member railways of the International Union of Railways - UIC - are committed to going even further.

    Yes, taking action to increase rail?s market share would help resolve the climate change problem, because rail is efficient when using any form of energy.

    And also because when electrified, the rail system is immediately compatible with low carbon and renewable energy.

    Yes it would work, as rail is safe, serves society, and is an engine for growth. Rail is the backbone of sustainable transport.

    So this is what the railways have to say. Investment in rail and increasing rail market share is an important part of the solution to climate change.

    The world?s railway community has mobilised to bring these messages to the COP21 negotiations. Special trains will depart from major cities across Europe and Asia to bring delegates to Paris.

    Together let?s keep transport on the low carbon track, let?s build a more sustainable future. Together, let?s take the Train to Paris.