Adding documents to the UIC Multimedia Library


Do you own or produce multimedia documents (photos, illustrations, videos, audio, etc.) that you wish to add to the UIC MediaCenter? This document contains all of the information required to add documents to the MediaCenter.


The MediaCenter is run by the UIC Communications Department, which manages and distributes multimedia documents both internally and externally.

The MediaCenter Administrator is responsible for requests to distribute the multimedia documents you add to the library, ensuring compliance with the authorisations for use that you have specified.

The Administrator ensures that multimedia documents are provided with a caption in a suitable format and checks carefully to make sure that the obligatory indications (e.g. copyright) are present.


Any document authored by you or by your organisation and which promotes UIC activities and rail transport in general.

Examples may include multimedia showcasing the rail sector or files produced as part of a specific event reflecting current UIC areas of interest (e.g. conferences, technical visits, opening or closing videos, interviews, etc.).

These documents must be of good quality (high definition, well shot, good lighting, sharp and good aesthetics if possible).

The documents are visible in the MediaCenter in a protected format, in low definition and with a watermark.


To ensure compliance with copyright, the Communications Department checks that the obligatory indications always include the name of the author and/or their organisation, i.e. © organisation / name of author.


The documents in the MediaCenter are by no means “free of copyright”. Downloading and use are subject to a prior request for reproduction submitted to the Administrator.

However, the documents are free of charge.

When your multimedia documents are reproduced for internal or external use at UIC, a copy of the justification document for use is retained by the Administrator. Thus, you can find out how your multimedia is being used at any time.


When adding a document to the MediaCenter, you must fill out the permission form to publish media by UIC. For photos requiring authorisation for use by the person photographed, the person must complete the media consent form. When you have completed and signed the form, drag and drop it in the “UPLOADING MEDIA / UPLOAD DOCUMENTS” tab. You can then drag and drop your file(s) in the appropriate tab (image, video or audio).

A quick “how-to” on indexing or an indexing guide can be provided on request (


For images, opt for the most common file formats (.jpg, .tif, .png) and high definition: resolution of 300 dpi, recommended size approximately 2,000 x 1,500 pixels, allowing for a good quality printout on A5-size paper. NB: The MediaCenter automatically retrieves metadata (date, time, location) - please ensure that your camera is configured accordingly. To add files in native format (.eps, etc.), generate a .jpg file with the same name. Upload the .jpg file by adding the native file as an attachment.

For videos, opt for the most common file format (.mp4, .avi, .mov) and high definition.

For audio, opt for the most common file format (.mp3, .wav) and the correct properties (44 kHz).


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