Solutions techniques de l'UIC [V1]

Solutions techniques de l'UIC [V1]

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  • Titre : Solutions techniques de l'UIC [V1]
  • Légende : L'UIC a en 2021 120 groupes de travail qui développent des solutions techniques dans tous les domaines de l'activité ferroviaire. La vidéo présente quelques exemples de développements réalisés. Ces solutions techniques sont décrites dans la brochure du même nom. #Technique #Solutions Techniques #IRS #guides The 120 working groups of the UIC - the International Union of Railways - develop technical solutions in all areas of railway business. Let’s take a tour around some examples of the output they have delivered. #Technical #Solutions #IRS #guidelines
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  • The 120 working groups of the UIC - the International Union of Railways - develop technical solutions in all areas of railway business. Let’s take a tour around some examples of the output they have delivered. First to infrastructure ... ... key topics covered include safety at level crossings ... and the use of artificial intelligence for predictive maintenance, preventing broken rails being a good example Zooming onto the high-speed railway. UIC recently published 6 IRSs (International Railway Solutions) designed to assist stakeholders and decision-makers in the design, construction and operation of new high-speed systems. It is always better for everyone to use the same vocabulary and terminology The ‘Ontorail’ project is developing these elements and being very useful in the digital modelling of railways. SFERA (Smart communications For Efficient Rail Activities) is a messaging protocol for data exchange between IMs, RUs and on-board devices. Useful for train driving it will also support future automatic train operation. The train itself with all its components is entering the digital era. The ‘Rail System Model’, launched by UIC in 2013, provides a solid, consistent foundation that is necessary for digitally modelling the railway system. UIC is leading the design of the Future Rail Mobile Communication System (FRMCS). As the successor to the soon-to-be outdated GSM-R, it will further enable digitisation of the railway network by being the key foundational support for all future ground-to-train communication applications. A new IRS on vegetation control is underpinning the sustainable management programme. It is important that the railways are fully respecting the environment too. In freight, the Loading Guidelines are in daily use as a pillar of safe freight operations. Similarly, the IRSs on the codification of combined transport and the transport of dangerous goods play an important part in improving sector productivity. Contract models such as the General Contract for Usage of wagons (the GCU) facilitate interoperability. OSDM (‘Open Sales and Distribution Model’) standardises the computer messages between ticket offices, points of sale and commercial conditions. It simplifies the range of pricing systems and facilitates a far more efficient and unified distribution system for railway services. The common database for the exchange of ticket control information increases ticket security, prevents fraud and strengthens the service provided to passengers, especially in the event of delays. Helping passengers navigate their way around the railway network is a topic of universal importance. An IRS on ‘User Information in Railway Stations’ sets out a range of solutions and offers examples of typeface and pictograms. So, now we turn to finance. For passenger and freight traffic, two IRSs offer solutions for ensuring that distribution and sharing of international traffic revenue streams is done under the best possible conditions, they are used by the vast majority of European RUs. So, there you have a very quick tour of UIC’s technical solutions. The UIC is proud that all of this is undertaken for the benefit not only of UIC member companies but also for the end users and all stakeholders engaged in railway transportation. Visuel…… • For more information on IRSs please contact us at • To obtain any of these and all other UIC publications, log on to: